Environmental, Social Responsibiity and Governance

UIB Healthcare is committed to providing professional, safe and quality medical services in China to protect the health and wellbeing of women and children. Environmental protection, energy conservation, employee benefits and social responsibilities are important elements of our corporate development strategy and values. The group is committed to ensuring all member hospitals and institutions implement these initiatives across their day-to-day operations.

We are committed to:
Promote operational measures that conserve energy and reduce emissions, and strictly comply with regulatory requirements in disposing medical waste and conducting research;
Establish modern corporate governance structure and internal control mechanisms, and strictly follow local laws and regulations;
Maintain regular communication with key stakeholders, including regulators, shareholders, partners and customers;
Provide sustainable, secure and fair workplaces and culture on par with the best practices of the industry to protect the interests of employees; and
Actively participate in industry forums to promote industry development and public health, such as caring for women and children, charity consulting services and charity healthcare training.

ESG Initiatives

2019 09-19

Department of Stomatology of Jingdu Hospital Conducts Free Consulting in Zhangjiakou

Beijing JIngdu Children's Hospital
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