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Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital Hosts Second “Good Doctors Forum”


Dr. Hongyan Liu, deputy director of the Department of Hematological Tumors, presided over the academic discussion of the second "Good Doctors Forum".

Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital Prepares for the DRG Payment Reform


Officials from Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Center provided guidance on the implementation of the pilot CHS-DRG payment platform as part of the Beijing medical insurance reform.

New Journey, New Beginning - Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital Holds 2021 Experts' Symposium


A total of 60 participants, including senior staff at Jingdu, external advisors and experts and key department heads, joined the discussions themed "New Journey, New Beginning.”

Safeguarding Life and Health: Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital Holds Fourth Ethics Committee Review in 2020


Seventeen members of the Ethics Committee joined the meeting, including clinical experts, lawyers and representatives from the public.

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