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UIB International Maternity Care Center

UIB International Maternity Care Center is one of the earliest players and well-recognized brand in Shanghai providing premium and professional postpartum services. UIB International Maternity Care Center chairs the Special Committee for Home-based Maternal and Child Care of China Health Care Association, and it is one of the training bases for home-based maternal and child care for the association.

UIB International Maternity Care Center has a prime location along the Huangpu River in Shanghai, with over 100 rooms and suites, each equipped with a three-tier access control system.

The professional team has over 10 years of experience, specializing in obstetrics, genecology, pediatrics, nutritional science, Chinese medicine, and nursing. UIB also offers a wide variety of value-add services, for example, early nurturing classes for babies, and yoga and body shaping classes for new moms.

At UIB, nutrition experts work with chefs closely on the preparation of menus and sourcing of ingredients to ensure a balanced and healthy diet for its clients. Through physical therapies and cosmetics surgeries, UIB also help modern moms to regain their physical appearances after delivery.
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