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Professor Liu Yinglong Creates Yet Another Miracle – A 15-year-old Gains a New Life



"I'm thankful to Professor Liu Yinglong for saving my child. I also want to thank all medical and nursing personnel at Jingdu's Department of Pediatric Cardiology. They are highly skilled in both medical treatment and nursing. Without them, my child can't fare so well today," Xiao Wei's mother expressed his gratitude on hearing that her child's operation was very successful. 

Only after days after birth in 2005, Xiao Wei got purple lips after throwing a tantrum. An examination found that he suffered a complex congenital heart disease. A cure is possible only through surgical operations. Further examination revealed that there were many anomalous muscle bands between the inflow and outflow tracts of Xiao Wei’s right ventricle, resulting in only a 2mm gap connecting the two, and the blood from the outflow tract is maintained only through a 10mm defect at the ventricular funnel. Such congenital heart disease is extremely rare across the medical circle and operations are exceptionally difficult.

"I have taken my child to many hospitals across the country, but was rejected by all when doctors examined my child’s conditions. They all cited complexity of the surgery procedure and high risks." Xiao Wei's mother said, "Just when i was about to give up, I found hope when I was referred to see Professor Liu Yinglong of Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital."

"Xiao Wei's congenital heart disease is one of the most complex situations. The ventricular septal defect is located underneath an artery. There is also the pulmonary hypertension. His condition is indeed quite rare and the surgery is extremely difficult too. However, I do have the confidence to perform a surgery on him,” Professor Liu said affirmatively after making a careful examination. 

A surgery was finally performed successfully for Xiao Wei on October 27, 2020. 

"A difficult, complicated operation of this kind is a tough test for surgeons. It requires not only rich experience in handling various unknown situations, but also courage of a doctor to take on such a responsibility." Professor Liu Yinglong commented, "This is also among the few rare cases I have ever experienced in my 40-year practice."

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