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Life is Fragile but Resilient - Premature Infant “Little Lucky Star” Discharged from Jingdu Children’s Hopsital



Good news came in from the Department of Neonatology on December 8, 2020 at Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital --  "Little Lucky Star" was discharged after 186 days of rescue efforts, treatment and rehabilitation.

"Little Lucky Star" is a super-premature infant with a gestational age of only 25+ weeks. He was merely 800g at birth and suffered extremely severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, pulmonary hypertension, respiratory failure and multi-drug resistant bacteria infection. He was committed to a number of local hospitals and treated through invasive ventilation for seven months depending on the breathing machine. His conditions worsened by the day, increasingly requiring assistance of respirators. 

After learning that Beijing Jingdu Children's Hospital has professional teams dedicated to super-premature infants suffering severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, the baby was moved to Jingdu hospital on the early morning of May 13, 2020 after a journey of nearly 1,500 kilometers. Dr. Jiao Shaomin was in company of the infant throughout the transfer trip. 

"The infant suffered respiratory failure, severe heart insufficiency and pulmonary hypertension. It was hard for him to maintain vital signs even when ventilation was used to the maximum. Jingdu's Neonatology Department set up a medical and nursing team for the case, who were ready before the baby's arrival. After more than 50 days of intensive care and treatment, the team managed to stabilize "Little Lucky Star"'s conditions and made a decisive stride forward -- his respirator was removed and the baby's lung conditions improved significantly.

Little Lucky Star was able to  receive ventilation and oxygen treatment with the help of household breathing machines, and now he was back to his hometown.  

“It is our duty to rescue lives and heal the wound. We are so relieved that the baby is well now. Life is fragile but resilient,” Dr. Jiao Shaomin, the lead doctor on this case said. 

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