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Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital Shares Experience on Child Developmental Behavior



Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital presented on child developmental behavior at a conference hosted by Shanghai Pudong Maternal and Child Healthcare Bureau on November 20, 2020. Sixteen medical institutions and hospitals joined the sessions. 

The conference was chaired by Xu Lei, Deputy Director of Pudong Maternal and Child Care Bureau. Dr. Jin Xingming, a respected expert in the field of child developmental behavior study shared the experience of Pubin hospital on the subject. 

The department of Children healthcare is one of the most well-known and well-structured specialty of Pubin. The head of this department, also the dean of this hospital, Dr. Jin, is the pioneer and perhaps the most prominent figure in this field of developmental behavior pediatrics.  

The early child development stage refers to the pregnancy period up to children of eight years old. Professor Jin presented on the five elements of early-stage child development, which include health, nutrition, responsive care, safety and early nurturing. She pointed out that the developmental behavior training requires collaboration of different disciplinaries and awareness raising for both parents and medical staff.  

Pubin Hospital is home to Shanghai Early Children Developmental Behavior Training Base, built in partnership with Shanghai EverBetter OB/GYN Hospital and four community medical centers at Lianyang, Yangjing, Huamu and Hudong in Pudong District. 

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