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Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital Holds Training Sessions on Allergy Control and Prevention



Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital held the second clinical training and the third lecture 2019 for children's developmental behavior recently, with support from Shanghai Pududong New Area Maternal and Child Care Bureau. Child healthcare practitioners from local community health service centers across Pudong New Area completed the clinical skills training and obtained certificates at the event, which was presided over by Xu Lei, Deputy Director of Pudong New Area's Maternal and Child Care Bureau. 

To enhance capabilities of the local community medical centers on children's healthcare services, Pudong Maternal and Child Care Bureau and Pubin Children's Hospital have been providing clinical training for two years. Shi Junyao, Deputy Director of Pudong Maternal and Child Care Bureau spoke highly of the dedication of Pubin Hospital's staff into the training programs.  

Food allergy is common among infants and children. Dr. Jiang Lirong, Dean of Gastroenterology Department of Pubin Hospital hosted a lecture on the prevention and treatment of common food allergies. Occurrence of food allergy globally is 2% to 5% and more common in infants and children, and among it, 2% to 7.5% of allergies are related to milk protein and children under the age of two. Dr. Jiang also shared measures to test, handling and treatment of allergies.  

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