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Undergraduate Medical Students Visit Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital



On March 15, 2023, teachers and students from the Department of Rehabilitation Science of East China Normal University majoring in speech and language therapy visited the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital, a subsidiary of UIB Healthcare Group. The students visited the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and other clinical departments, and shared their experience on rehabilitation treatment. The visit deepened the students' understanding of clinical treatment and created opportunities for multi-dimensional thinking and communication among schools, hospitals, and customers.

The students gave positive feedback of the visit, acknowledging that children's treatment not only requires medical skills, but also a heart of love. Only with full dedication can a doctor truly enter the hearts of children. UIB Healthcare is committed to children's health, which is not limited to clinical treatment of the sick, but also the cultivation and education of medical talents.

The Department of Rehabilitation of Pubin Children’s Hospital conducts professional overall rehabilitation assessments and regular treatments for children's bone and joint diseases, nervous system diseases, autism, genetic chromosomal diseases, and neonatal developmental abnormalities. The department also treats children with cerebral palsy who have movement disorders, post-surgery recovery, physical development delays, language cognitive delays, social impairments, writing impairments, behavioral impairments, developmental motor coordination disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

The department’s treatment methods include physical therapy, speech therapy, physical factor therapy, suspension training, homework group classes, sensory integration training, rehabilitation assessment, assistive device management and lower limb orthopedics.

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