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Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital Opens New Clinic Area at Department of Rehabilitation Medicine



On May 28, 2023, the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Shanghai Pubin Children's Hospital held the opening ceremony of the new clinic area. The opening ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, including Zhigang Wang, Director of the Orthopedics Department of Shanghai Children's Medical Center, Xia Bi, Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Shanghai Pudong Zhoupu Hospital and Director of the Rehabilitation Quality Control of Shanghai Pudong District, and Weiqing Xu, Section Chief of the Pediatric Protection Department of Pudong Maternal and Child Health Center. Grace Yang, General Manager of UIB Shanghai, Jack Wang, Vice President of Operations of UIB Shanghai, Yong Lu, Director of UIB Shanghai Quality Control Center and Ruyin Wu, Director of Human Resources of UIB Shanghai also attended the ceremony.

Located alongside the beautiful Huangpu River, the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Pubin Children's Hospital boasts serene and elegant environment and state-of-art equipment, dedicated to offer patients and customers the best training effect and experience.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine mainly conducts overall rehabilitation assessments for children's bone and joint diseases, nervous system diseases, autism, genetic chromosomal diseases, and neonatal developmental abnormalities, and regularly follows up and intervenes for scoliosis, pediatric torticollis, children with cerebral palsy who have movement disorders, post surgery, behavioral developmental delays, language cognitive delays, social impairments, writing impairments, behavioral impairments, developmental coordination disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and treatment.

Zhigang Wang, Director of Orthopedics at Shanghai Children's Medical Center, emphasized the important role rehabilitation plays throughout the treatment process. Weiqing Xu, Section Chief of the Pediatric Protection Department of Pudong Maternal and Child Health Center, commented that with the opening of the new clinic, the strength of the early childhood base of Pubin Children’s Hospital is further consolidated.

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